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King of Shaves delivers "The World’s Best Shave" King of Shaves began its life in a kitchen sink – literally.

King of Shaves is a range of innovative and performance shaving, skincare and styling products for men and women. Since Will King created the Original Shaving Oil in his kitchen back in 1993, King of Shaves now sells a product every three seconds worldwide and is regarded as one of the world’s most innovative and successful challenger brands. Shaving ‘software’ including shave oils, gels and serums plus skin care products were complimented by the launch of the Azor, the first UK designed system razor in 100 years. King of Shaves products are sold in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. King of Shaves is the future of shaving!

“Back in 1992 I used to suffer from shaving rash, razor irritation and burn but couldn’t find a product on the market to alleviate my shaving discomfort. I suspected a lot of people suffered in the same way I did, so I decided to solve the problem myself and develop a range of products to give a smooth, close, comfortable and burn free shave – so in 1993 the King of Shaves was born. Like me, I want you to enjoy shaving rather than endure it and have pioneered our Prime - Shave - Protect regime to deliver you the very best results, what we’ve come to term the King of Shaves. Join our Kingdom today for a close comfortable shave!"


Will King, Founder of King of Shaves


2014: King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor. Hyperglide sets a new performance standard in the global system razor market with a patented water activated self-lubricating cartridge that creates it’s own HydroGel all over the carriage head. Four years of research and development yielded a razor that uses advanced superhydrophilic ('super water loving') advanced technology on the cartridge’s entire shaving surface to create its own 'HydroGel' so users can 'just add water' and shave!

2013: King of Shaves Prostyle eGrooming for Men. A new range of precision electrical facial and body hair styling products designed for men including a Bodystyler, Precision Ear & Nose Trimmer, a Beard Styler and a Multi Facial Hair Styler.

2012: King of Shaves Super Men’s Skin Care Range. Building on the success of the first two SuperGels, we launched the ultimate in revitalizing and energizing skin care for men – the brand spanking new Super men’s skin care range. Fantastic sensitive skin friendly formulations, amazing new fragrances and at a cost-effective price that makes the competition look less than, er, super! And to complete the line-up a new Zesty Lime SuperGel.

2011: King of Style Electrical Grooming Range. Exclusive to Argos in the UK, our first electrical range has a unique King of Shaves glossy white and matt-black colour scheme and are powered by proven advanced Remington technology. Plus each one comes with a free 50ml King of Shaves soothing and cooling Face Balm.

2011: King of Shaves SuperGel Shaving Gels. Shaving first thing every day can be a bleary eyed affair so King of Shaves have come up with two new SuperGels formulated to inject some much needed zing into your morning ritual! Both SuperGels are dermatologically tested and are jam packed with active skin caring ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Tea Tree which means even those with sensitive skin can enjoy our new revitalising fragrances.

SuperGel Shaving Gel SuperCharged with Black Pepper
Fight facial fatigue and kick-start your day with the intensely energizing and vibrant scent of Black Pepper whilst the amazing King of Shaves low-foam moisturising formula gives excellent blade glide for the ultimate close, comfortable shave.

SuperGel Shaving Gel with SuperFresh Citrus
The stimulating and galvanizing Citrus fragrance will revive your body and mind whilst giving you the ultimate smooth, refreshing yet comfortable shave that will leave your skin feeling alive and ready for the day ahead!

2011: Azor 5 Sensitive System Razor. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Azor 5 for men is perfectly balanced and ideally weighted for maximum control and comfort whilst shaving. The Azor 5 utilises softer Elastomer* with a lower Shore** rating than a standard Azor. This "Bendology Technology" in our Soft-Flex hinge, allows the head to follow every curve and contour of your face whilst progressively, yet gently holding the five long-lasting Endurium nano coated blades against the skin without any undue pressure. The end result is an ultra comfortable, close smooth shave with less irritation even if you have dry or sensitive skin.

The ergonomic alloy handle features side creases for improved dexterity and grip, trim guides for shaping and styling facial hair, a larger skin pre-tensioner (reducing the risk of unwanted nicks and cuts whilst helping to prevent in-growing hairs) and an improved soft-touch cartridge ejection mechanism making it even easier to change our new slimline blade cartridges.

* Elastomer is a plastic that behaves like a rubber.
** Shore Rating – method of rating the relative hardness of a material.

2010: Azor M Sensitive Alloy System Razor. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Azor M Sensitive Alloy System Razor for men is perfectly balanced and ideally weighted for maximum control and comfort whilst shaving. The Azor M Sensitive utilises softer Elastomer with a lower Shore rating than the standard Azor. The lower the rating, the softer and more flexible the material is, so for example a circus contortionist would have a very low Shore rating whilst a pensioner would have a very high rating.

This "Bendology Technology" allows the incredibly flexible hinge to gently, yet progressively, hold the four long-lasting Endurium coated blades against the skin without any undue pressure, giving a very comfortable and smooth shave thus making it the ideal razor choice for men with skin prone to razor burn, breakouts and skin irritations.

2010: King of Shaves 75ml Skincare Range.
Following the design of the Azor System Razor and SSE Shaving Gel packs, this new range of skincare looks stunning on-shelf, has amazing performance and is very reasonably priced.


2010: Azor M Alloy System Razor. The latest addition to the award winning Azor line-up introduces the new v2 slim blade cartridge, that makes shaving under the nose and other hard to reach places even easier. The tactile, sleek hybrid metal alloy and Polyastomer handle features side creases for improved dexterity and grip, trim guides for shaping and styling facial hair, a larger skin pre-tensioner (reducing the risk of unwanted nicks and cuts whilst helping to prevent in-growing hairs) and an improved soft-touch cartridge ejection mechanism.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and tipping the scales at 47g, compared to the 17g Azor, the Azor M is perfectly balanced and ideally weighted for maximum control and comfort whilst shaving. The Azor M utilises King of Shaves’ internationally patented ‘Bendology Technology’ flexible hinges which allows the Azor’s head to bend and follow every contour of your face whilst pressing the blades progressively closer onto the skin for a superbly comfortable yet close shave. The unique wishbone shaped head design provides greater visibility when shaving.

As ever, the four Endurium coated blades in each cartridge continue to shave closer, longer for less and replacement cartridges are suitable for all Azor System Razors.

Following 18 months of consumer research and testing, shaving with the Azor M has now evolved.

2010: Queen Of... Range.
The new look Queen Of... range is launched featuring two sexily smooth shaving gels and a ladies version of our Azor System Razor.

2009: Azor S System Razor for Sensitive Skin.
Featuring a new more ergonomic handle and an even more flexible head that gives an amazingly close and comfortable shave even if you have dry or sensitive skin.

2009: SSE Shaving Gels.
Utilising SSE™, v5.0 of our unique Skin Surface Enhancing technology, to deliver our best shave ever with ALS2 (Advanced Lubrication System) that helps protect, moisturise and lubricate your skin throughout the shave giving superlative razor performance and glide. Your face will be left amazingly smooth, supple and moisturised. Dermatologically tested and unfragranced – perfect for sensitive / dry skin. The naturally derived low foam, paraben free formula means you see where you’re shaving – ideal for shaping facial hair and avoiding problem areas.

2009: Azor Hybrid Shave Oil.
Formulated with cooling menthol, it combines great shaving with skincare benefits and is designed to enhance the performance of our Azor razor! The Azor Hybird Oil employs SSE,™ v3.0 of our unique Skin Surface Enhancing technology, with improved mDDS™ (micro Dual Delivery System) that helps protect, moisturise and lubricate your skin throughout the shave giving superior razor performance and glide. The enhanced skin conditioning properties will leave your face ultra smooth, supple and moisturised.

2009: King of Shaves Travel Kit.
Perfect for holidays, weekends away and the gym - and suitable for airline hand luggage - this King of Shaves Travel Kit contains everything needed for a close comfortable shave including an Azor razor, Azor shave gel and a face balm to help soothe your skin afterwards.

Click to enlarge image.
2009: Azure System Razor for Women. Enjoy the “Queen of Shaves�? with King of Shaves first ever ‘hybrid synergy’ system razor for women - it combines shaving comfort and performance with elegance and style. The Azure delivers the Queen of Shaves, without the expense of many of its competitors. Launched in striking ‘on-trend’ black and gold, the Azure Aura combines shaving comfort and performance via an internationally patented TST (Touch Skin Technology) elastomer skin bumper and pivot system. This allows the Endurium coated, super long-lasting blades to shave at optimum pressure against the skin whilst a larger soft rubber ‘bumper’ helps reduce risk of unwanted nicks and lifts hairs for a smoother shave.

The Azure’s uniquely patented wishbone-shaped head design provides greater visibility when shaving and the ergonomically designed, lightweight handle allows for a superbly comfortable shave which effortlessly follows every contour and curve of the skin. As with its male counterpart, the Azure demonstrates King of Shaves commitment to the environment. ‘Ecoptimised’ in all stages of manufacture, the handle for the Azure is made in the UK with all packaging minimised and either already recycled or 100% recyclable.

2009: Azor Shaving Software.
To complement the Azor 'hardware' we formulated two tubed shaving gels and one canned gel. They feature an advanced version of our Skin Surface Enhancing technology, to deliver our best shave ever with ALS2 (Advanced Lubrication System) and mDDS™ (micro Dual Delivery System) that helps protect, moisturise and lubricate throughout the shave giving superlative razor performance and glide.


2009: Azor Limited Editions. Appearing in selected Boots stores nationwide come Limited Editions of the Azor, the first being a striking red and black handle called the 'Rari', and the second, the 'Wave' was a blue and white handle in a stylised Union Jack 'buy British' pack.

The King of Shaves Azor, Less is Mor™. Click to enlarge.
2008: Launch of Azor. The first British designed, engineered and manufactured razor in over 100 years launched on June 23rd 2008 to compete for a slice of the £315m annual sales of razors in the UK alone, dominated by shaving giants, £30bn Gillette and £1bn Wilkinson Sword.

The King of Shaves Azor is the brainchild of 42 year old entrepreneur Will King. The new razor ‘hardware’ promises to shave closer, last longer and cost less, as well as being much more planet friendly than its competitors. King is convinced his five years of research and development, plus a multi-million pound marketing spend will see the Azor gain market share rapidly in the UK where a million men each day use King of Shaves shaving gels, oils and serums.

Elegant in its simplicity, and engineered without compromise, the Azor will debut in two styles – ‘Pola’ (white and black) and ‘Warp’ (black and white), with a range of limited edition colours being planned for 2009. Bringing together the best of performance system razors with the simplicity of disposables, it’s the world's first ‘Hybrid Synergy’ system razor, and is sold with three extra long lasting Endurium® coated cartridges for just £4.99.

The technology of the first Hybrid Synergy System Razor. Click to enlarge.
The Azor’s key features include an internationally patented TST™ (Touch Skin Technology) elastomer skin bumper and pivot system, which pushes the blades progressively closer onto the skin for a superbly comfortable yet close shave, a unique wishbone shaped head design providing greater visibility when shaving, and a light, beautifully engineered handle which is aesthetically pleasing as well as being ergonomically optimised for performance.

The Azor’s revolutionary technology is also matched with the King of Shaves long-standing commitment to the environment. Often battery powered, many system razors are made from metal, are highly energy consumptive in manufacturing, and flagrantly over-packaged, whereas the handle for the Azor is made in the UK, and all packaging (for handle and cartridge refills) has already been recycled, or is 100% recyclable. Will King terms this ‘Ecoptimised’, coining the slogan Less is Mor.™

King comments: “My team and I have designed a razor that shaves closer, lasts longer and costs less. I am personally delighted with its style and performance, and I'm determined to break up the cosy Duopoly enjoyed by Gillette and Wilkinson Sword. The future of shaving will be fairer and better with the new King of Shaves Azor.�?


2008: King of Shaves Woman redesign. Constantly innovating we tweaked the design of the woman range adding more feminine shaped tubes, images of the natural ingredients and foil to increase the presence of the range on shelf.

Hybrid Shave Oil launch.
Introducing the superhero of all shave preps: new King of Shaves hybrid shave oil. Some like a bit of both. When it comes to shaving you get blokes who like to shave with an oil and others who swear by a gel. Is it a matter of choice, or can you have a bit of both of what you fancy?

King of Shaves, continual innovators in shave software preps has created the Ultra Hybrid Shave Oil for the guy who likes it 50/50. Available in unmentholated or cooling menthol the high-performance formula combines a shave oil with a shave gel to provide all the shaving and skincare benefits of an oil, whilst rinsing off as easily as gel.

Will King, Founder of King of Shaves comments: “Our new Hybrid Shave Oil is a great choice, its highly concentrated formula provides around 60 shaves per travel-friendly 50ml pack – requiring less packaging, raw materials and production energy per shave than even the King of Shaves tubed gels – let alone one of our competitor’s canned products.�?

Designed to be ultra kind to even the most sensitive skin, it is free from parabens, preservatives, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and contains a naturally-derived surfactant system. In addition, natural, or naturally derived alternatives to synthetic ingredients help make the product milder with greater skin benefits, while also biodegradable and better for the environment.

With 15 years of successful innovation and growth in the retail sector under his belt, Will and his team turned their attention to the UK’s professional salon sector, with the view of launching a style, shave and skin care range for the male salon / barber customer. Will recruited renowned industry experts in styling, shave and skin care to work alongside him in the development of the range and the result is new KOS.PRO (King of Shaves Professional) – a collection of innovative, high-performance products designed to enhance the male client’s experience and give salon owners a completely new grooming and retail opportunity.

KOS.PRO has been specially engineered by King of Shaves’ in-house ‘software’ experts and is based around the brand’s long-standing grooming concept – Prime, Shave, Protect (PSP). Each product within the 13 strong range has been developed with Patented Performance Technologies (PPT) and the result is superlative quality, technologically advanced shave, skin, hair care and styling products designed to ‘exceed expectations’ and deliver every time. Furthermore KOS.PRO hair care and styling products have been developed in conjunction with the professionals at WAHL to take male grooming to a new, unprecedented level.

As well as exceeding expectation on the performance front, KOS.PRO smells fantastic too. Each product contains a blast of citrus and soft fruits and a spiced blend of black pepper and ginger, followed by a powerful and masculine heart of musk, moss and leather. The fragrance finishes with a complex wood accord of cedar leaf, sandalwood and patchouli. In explaining more about KOS.PRO Will says:

“My team and I took a long hard look at what men were getting in the Salon-Pro-Barber environment, and decided we could genuinely add value and relevance to the sector. Whilst PRO stands for professional, in my mind it also signifies Performance Radically Optimised.

Men now want to shave great, have great skin, style great and look superb. John Terry, England and Chelsea Captain, is our King of Shaves and KOS.PRO Brand Ambassador. He’s a legendary sportsman and an iconic figure and he clearly wants to look his best – both on and off the pitch. That’s what KOS.PRO is all about – a range designed for guys who simply want to be the best they can be – to ‘Be a King’.�?

the multi award winning team at King of Shaves has developed KU – a new skincare range for young skin. KU has made an exemplary start here at King of Shaves Senior School. From the first day of term he has made an instant impression on the entire class. No longer do we find the boys discussing which shaving foam makes a bigger mess, nor do they have to suffer the embarrassment of slinking off to the bathroom to ‘borrow’ their mother’s face cream.

KU has taken three simple but effective steps to help his fellow pupils start the journey to having their first shave and looking after their skin properly:

Prime. KU’s Face Wash keeps them spick and span. Not only have the ink marks gone, so has the excess oil that clogs pores and causes spots. Matron is beside herself with happiness at the change in the boys’ complexions.

Shave. KU’s Shave Gel has been a revelation. From dealing with the first tufts of bum-fluff or tackling fully fledged five o’clock shadow, the boys’ razors now glide across their skin safe in the knowledge that unwanted nicks and irritation have been sent to the Deputy Head’s office for detention.

Protect. More effective than the Sport Master’s jock strap, KU’s Moisturiser protects their faces from the elements and keeps their skin supple and softer than the drama teacher. KU’s antibacterial stance has earned him extra house points throughout the term!

2006: King of Shaves Woman. King of shaves introduces the new women’s shaving range. Six key products for maximum effect with minimum effort. King of Shaves Woman range heralds a revolution in women’s hair removal. Innovation and a thoroughly researched, effective combination of quality ingredients mean that women no longer have to look to the men’s counter for the best results.

King of Shaves Woman products all have multiple results. The ingredients for each product have been chosen carefully, scrupulously tested and combined for the ultimate in efficacy and ease of use. They’re also packed with fruit essences, Aloe Vera, Peppermint Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

The King of Shaves woman range come in: Shave and moisturise shaving oil, shave and smooth shaving spritz, shave and moisturise shaving gel, shave and smooth shaving gel, shave and refresh shaving gel.

King of Shaves first advanced shaving cream - AlphaCream ALS - debuted in our new brand design developed by Pearlfisher alongside our in-house design team.

October 2006. The King of Shaves K2 Skinvestment® Series is a range of six ‘skincare in shaving’ products for men from the world’s most innovative grooming company. K2 goes Beyond Shaving™ with patented MLE and PCT technologies to deliver ‘The World’s Best’. Used together for the first time in a men’s shaving and skincare range, the advanced patented ingredients in K2 include MLE (Multi Lamellar Emulsion) and PCT (P-Ceramide Technology) which work to deliver an unprecedented level of pre-shave skin conditioning, shave comfort and face protection.

Both breakthrough systems work to actively repair and restore the skin’s lipid barrier, an essential built-in protection mechanism surrounding the stratum corneum which is the outer layer of skin you can touch and see. As well as being the skin’s first line of defence against microbes and allergens that could lead to infections and irritations, the lipid barrier controls the amount of water loss from the skin during its natural ‘breathing’ process - essential for keeping cells hydrated and avoiding dryness, unsightly flaky skin and premature wrinkles.

2003: King of Shaves Woman expanded range. Women's range was given a minor redesign and was expanded with a new ultra-sensitive Shaving Gel and a extraordinary moisturising Hair Minimising Spritz.

King of Shaves XCD aims to beautify the male masses. A totally new male image enhancement and skincare regime for men. Four out of five men now consider good grooming to be essential to their success in the workplace. XCD promises to ‘enhance’ (beautify) ‘camouflage’ (conceal) and ‘defend’ (protect) thus defining a male enhancement (beauty) vocabulary that every man can relate to, make up for guys, not girls!

Developed by Will King, founder of King of Shaves in association with John Gustafson, über-guru of the cosmetics world, the XCD range currently includes five remarkable facial skincare products for Beckham-inspired good looks: Defender SPF8 Facial Moisturiser, Enhancer Self-Tan Facial Moisturiser, Improver SPF15 Tinted Moisturiser, PERFECTER Smoothing & Mattifying Gel and Reviver Eye Cream.

ASC range.
Spot on solutions from King of Shaves. Research shows that it’s not just teenagers who are prone to break-outs: 8 out of 10 men over the age of twenty claim they still regularly suffer from spots and blocked pores (Independent Survey of ABC1 18-45 men commissioned by KMI, January 2003). The boffins at King of Shaves have made it their mission to banish blemishes and following extensive research announce the launch of five new face-saving solutions in the award-winning (Awarded Best Buy by Men’s Fitness, Silver by Pure Beauty and Highly Commended by FHM) ASC2 range.

Deep cleansing ASC2 face wash, ASC2 face scrub and ASC2 face bar. These all contain a high-performance combination of ingredients to help cleanse pores and blitz zits without sucking your skin dry. Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit and Juniper Oil get to work on problem skin while the emollient properties of Allantoin and Panthenol soothe and condition the epidermis.

Formula Alpha ASC2 Shaving Oil and Alphagel DDS ASC2 Shaving Gel. This is every bit as good as you’ve come to expect from a King of Shaves Shaving Oil, but the added Aloe, Tea Tree Oil,and Vitamin E deliver incredible zit-zapping, skin-soothing benefits. Its blend of natural exotic and essential oils lubricates the skin providing an excellent barrier between blade and face, leaving it feeling moisturised, conditioned and protected while eliminating all symptoms of rash, razor burn and sore, red skin. The new skin-soothing, blemish-busting products sit alongside Alphagel DDS ASC2 Shaving Gel and all contain Triclosan, a highly effective antibacterial agent which inhibits the growth of bacteria, prevents the spread of germs and reduces the risk of infection.

Fast acting ASC2 anti spot gel Active Skin Clearing Fast Acting Anti-Spot Gel helps to kill spot-causing bacteria without stripping the skin of its natural oils or drying it out. Containing Aloe Vera (a healing and anti-inflammatory component), Vitamin E (a natural antioxidant and emollient) and Tea Tree Oil, the gel is applied from a nifty roller ball dispenser – simply invert, shake and apply direct to the spot.

2001: King of Shaves Woman Bleu – Bikini, Legs & Underarms. Designed for women, the first range consisted of a Shaving Gel, Oil and revolutionary Spritz.

Alpha Gel ASC.
Anti bacterial shave gel. Anti spot control active skin cleansing shave gel especially designed for shavers with blemish or spot prone skin.

King of Shaves Pro Shave.
King of Shaves expands into the canned shave gel market.

King of Shaves oil
moves from 5ml to 10ml bottles and in a new teardrop shaped bottle, to give the consumer more value for money.

Kinexium Gel.
King of Shaves Kinexium Shave Gel introduces the protective qualities of silicon into your shave and utilises SSE, our unique Skin Surface Enhancing technology, to deliver our best shave ever with ALS (Advanced Lubrication System) and mDDS (micro Dual Delivery System) that helps protect, moisturise and lubricate your skin throughout the shave giving superlative razor performance and glide. Your face will be left amazingly smooth, supple and moisturised.

Kinexium Oil.
Award winning King of Shaves Kinexium Shave Oil introduces the protective qualities of silicon into your shave and employs SSE, our unique Skin Surface Enhancing technology, to deliver our best shave ever. It protects, moisturises and lubricates your skin throughout the shave giving superlative razor performance and glide. Your face will be left smooth, supple and moisturised.

We launched the first mass men's skincare range later in 1996.

Alpha Gel.
We introduced the revolutionary AlphaGel DDS 'tubed' shaving gel in 1996 - creating a brand new market sector.

1996: Launch of second Shaving oil with improved formulation to include Aloe and Tea Tree.

Launch of King Of Shaves Original Shaving Oil.
Will King - Founder of King of Shaves created the shaving oil product that was to become the bedrock of the company. Helped by his girlfriend Ann, he initially worked from their back bedroom, bottling and selling King of Shaves Original shaving oil which he created after getting razor burn from shaving with conventional foams and gels. Will hand-filled the first 10,000 bottles over the kitchen sink (took 2 weeks) and in 1993, got the product listed by Harrods and Boots the Chemist. King of Shaves was born!

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