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Thank you for your interest in King of Shaves. In order for us to get more of an understanding about your business and the opportunities in your territory, please complete the questionnaire below.

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What is the size by value of the shave preparation market in your territory?
What is the size by value of the system razor market in your territory?
What is the size by value of the replacement blades / cartridge market in your territory?
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Please advise the average retail pricing structure for these brands in the market so we can understand the price positioning for King of Shaves.
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Please can you advise if there are any customs restrictions for importing the following products.
1. HS Code – 33071000
(Shaving Gels):

Additional Information:
2. HS Code – 82122000
(Razors & Blades):

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Please supply a brief overview of the customs requirements for importing the above products for example...
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