New King of Shaves SUB – delivering razor blades to your door each month!

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30 April 2012 - 9:53:28 AM


Our new King of Shaves razor blade subscription service has launched at Customers from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada can now sign-up for a low monthly fee and have their choice of Azor razor cartridges delivered direct to their door every month – we even send a free Azor handle with the first month’s subscription.

The site is promoted using a tongue-in-cheek video shot by Plastic staring James Ellington and the King of Shaves team which invites consumers to “Join our SUB?! Due to demand subscriptions can be purchased one per order, currently they are set-up for 24 months however they can be cancelled at any time simply by giving 30 days notice.

Will King, Founder & CEO of King of Shaves says:

King of Shaves is dedicated to changing the face of shaving for better, forever. We're always innovating, always seizing new initiatives – to compete with our behemoth competitors who have a vested interest in keeping things the way they've always been. For over four years now, our big competitors have always been on promotion with their handles (never their blades) trying to stop us getting our product sold – despite that – we've sold 4m Azor handles. Now, with our SUB, we're able to offer further saving, convenience and interaction on a modern, cutting edge way with people who, when they realise they're paying £3.50 for something that costs (depending on volume) as little as 10p to make, won't be happy. There is no FMCG consumer / product market in the world like razor cartridges where there are just three competitors – two massive, and us. It's a tribute to our designers, engineers and team at King of Shaves that something as disruptive and useful as King of Shaves SUB can be launched. I hope you agree! It's a Shaveolution, Join our SUB!

The site was built by Rees Kenyon Design with additional coding from Nik Butler.


King of Shaves SUB website:
King of Shaves SUB Twitter: @kingofshavessub | #JoinOurSub
King of Shaves SUB Facebook:


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