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Shelley, hailing from Pewsey in Wiltshire, shot to fame when she was the only woman in Team GB’s Bob Skeleton squad at the Winter Olympics in Turin 2006. She did the team and nation proud by winning a silver medal (the Team GB’s only medal) on the 16th February 2006!

Since the Winter Olympics in Toronto, Shelley took a year out of the sport to give birth to her daughter Ella Marie. On her return to the sport for the 2008-09 season, Shelley made a big impact by winning the Skeleton World Cup event at Iglas, Austria, as well as a silver medal at Konigssee in Germany 2009.
Shelley then competed in the European Bob Skeleton Championships held in Switzerland at the St Mortitz track, where she broke the track record, helping her finish the season ranked number two in the world by the FIBT. Shelley now has her sights set on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

Shelley's previous career highlights include being the World Student Champion 2005, British Woman's Champion 2004 and 2005, current British World Cup leader and silver medalist in the European Championship 2006.

Skeleton is gaining in popularity with sport fans and athletes alike. The appeal lies in the 'extreme' nature of the sport – the speed, the Gs, and the closeness of the body to the ice. The sport involves the athlete racing down a man-made ice track, adopting a face down, headfirst minimal drag riding position on the board – a sleek composite sled. Speeds reached are in excess of 90 mph and the athlete experiences G forces of +5. Her sled is designed by fellow slider (and fiancé) Kristan Bromley’s specialist company, Bromley Technologies Ltd. Kristan has also worked with King of Shaves on some of our advanced blade projects.

The partnership between King of Shaves and Shelley – the first female athlete the shaving software company has sponsored – is a perfect fit, aligning with King of Shaves' understanding of precision, blade technology, speed, distinction and continual drive to be the best.


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For information on Kristan Bromley when he was sponsored by King of Shaves, please click here. For up-to-date info, please visit Kristan Bromley's site

Action photos by Charlie Booker.

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Read what the media and press are saying about Shelley below:

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